Research Themes

The institute is divided into three primary Research Themes

These three Themes are focused on health and disease prevention, with a particular emphasis on brain, cardiometabolic, gut, and musculoskeletal health.

A summary of each Research Theme is described below with more details on each Theme's page.

  • Theme 1 aims to co-produce interventions which empower people and communities to make positive choices to benefit their health and well-being.
  • Theme 2 aims to deliver translation projects on the impact of plant-based foods on human health, and interventions to increase the affordability, availability, purchase and consumption of plant-based foods.
  • Theme 3 focuses on how we can improve our heart health and weight in middle age to improve our brain health later in life.

We have many ongoing research projects that are highly interrelated with our overarching themes.

These associated, theme specific projects implement varying research methodologies and designs including RCTs, qualitative interviews, population-based intervention and longitudinal cohort studies

The realisation of impact and implementation is the starting point for all NIHA-initiated research. NIHA membership and collaborations is focused towards translating our research into innovative policies, products and services that address health and human wellbeing.