The CHarMINg Project

The CHarMINg Project is a co-production of promising interventions to support multiple behaviour changes in socially deprived communities (funded through UEAHSCP).


Unhealthy behaviours place a heavy burden on regional health and social care services.

Physical inactivity, unhealthy diets, tobacco smoking, and excessive alcohol consumption are called the “big four” behaviours. People living in underrepresented communities are much more likely to engage in all four behaviours.

We still do not know how best to support change in multiple behaviours. our aims are to identify best practice examples and work together to produce promising interventions to support multiple behaviour change in underrepresented communities.

Our findings will inform innovation in practice and research.

The essence of this project is partnership working. The project brings together members of the public, practitioners, voluntary and community organisations, policy makers, and researchers from across the local area.

The UEA Health and Social Care #PowerofCollaborativeResearchFunding grant is supporting this project.

For further information please contact Prof Wendy Hardeman (

Project Evidence Briefing document

Simple 7 Minute Briefing for Researchers

Simple 7 Minute Briefing for Community and Clinical Practice

Simple 7 Minute Briefing for Decision Makers