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Discovery Science

All of our themse are underpinned by strong fundamental science programmes in the Faculties of Medical and Health Sciences (FMH), the Faculty of Science, the Quadram Institute of Bioscience (QIB) and the John Innes Centre (JIC) focussed on establishing the:

  • Genetic, physiological and molecular basis of health maintenance and age-related chronic disease progression
  • Impact of food and its components and other behaviours on biomarkers of health and disease using model systems and explanatory human studies
  • Effect of genetic variability, sex and other variables on the response to behaviour change

The JIC has large research programmes focussed on optimised plant food production and composition.


Dr Naiara Beraza Prof. Alastair Forbes Prof. Anne Marie Minihane Berenice Williams Prof. Cathie Martin Dr Cathrina Edwards Prof. Federica Di Palma Dr Helen Parretti Prof. Ian Charles Prof. Mark Searcey Dr Mark Williams Prof. Michael Hornberger Prof. Nick Talbot Dr Paul Kroon Dr Peter Curtis Prof. Simon Carding Dr Stephen Robinson Prof. Susan Fairweather-Tait Dr Wilfried Haerty Prof. Michael Müller Dr David Vauzour Dr Simone Immler Prof. Bill Fraser Prof. Chris Fox Dr Donnie Cameron