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Prof. Valerie Pomeroy

Professor, School of Health Sciences

Physiotherapy; Neurorehabilitation; Neuro-mechanics (biomechanics and EMG-measured muscle activity) for identification of preclinical manifestations of movement disorders, particularly in older people and evaluation of recovery of movement control after brain injury/onset brain pathology; Development and evaluation of technology-aided physical therapy interventions working in partnership with industry and intended users ('patients', informal carers and clinicians); Development and evaluation of neuroscience-used physical therapy/activity interventions working in partnership with intended users ('patients' , informal carers and clinicians); Clinical trials; Translational science (a) between basic and clinical science and (b) between clinical science and clinical practice; Innovative methodology for neurorehabilitation research; Research leadership

Following qualification as a physiotherapist at the Cambridge School of Physiotherapy and holding a variety of clinical posts Professor Pomeroy obtained a PhD from the School of Medicine, University of Southampton. Between 1996 and 2002 she was Senior Lecturer in Stroke Therapy Research at the University of Manchester and was also Director of The Stroke Association’s Therapy Research Unit. In 2002 she was appointed to the Chair in Rehabilitation for Older People at St George’s University of London where she led the neurorehabilitation research programme.  Since 2007 Professor Pomeroy has held the Chair in Neurorehabilitation at UEA.