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Prof. Susanne Lindqvist

Professor of Interprofessional Practice

Interprofessional learning and working

Susanne is Director of the Centre for Interprofessional Practice (CIPP) and Professor of Interprofessional Practice.  She is also Director of Educational strategy, Learning and Teaching Quality at Norwich Medical School (NMS).

Susanne joined CIPP in 2002, initially to set up a pilot with healthcare students.  The purpose of the initiative was to give students an opportunity to learn with, from and about each other allowing them to develop knowledge, skills, attitudes, values and behaviour that underpin effective interprofessional practice and high quality care.  The initial pilot turned out to be a success and as a result she was asked to extend IPL to involve all health and social care students.  In 2016-2017 CIPP offered a number of different opportunities of IPL to ~ 3000 students across twelve different professions.

From 2017-18 delivery of pre-registration IPL transitioned to schools with Susanne as CIPP Director taking on the role of supporting the ongoing development and quality assurance of the provision of IPL.

Since 2018, Susanne and CIPP work in collaboration with the local Trusts in meeting the increasing needs and expectations of our future healthcare practitioners by promoting networking and innovation in interprofessional practice – in teaching and research.  Working together with others both locally, nationally and internationally has been a key ingredient in CIPP’s and Susanne’s approach to finding the best way forward in the joint attempt at providing meaningful opportunities for learning and working together that lead to real improvements in patient/client care.  In October 2019, Susanne became an EMCC accredited coach for senior leaders so that she can actively help promote the overall aim of CIPP by supporting people to develop and optimise their leadership skills.