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Dr Paul Kroon

Research Leader

Understanding bioavailability and health benefits of polyphenols and other phytochemicals; short-term human dietary intervention studies with biomarker assessment; mechanistic studies including NGS approaches such as RNASeq and faecal metagenomics

Dr Paul Kroon’s research is focused on understanding the role of polyphenols in providing the health benefits associated with consuming bioactive-rich plant foods, and understanding the mechanistic basis of these beneficial changes. He is particularly interested in the ability of polyphenols to prevent or reverse the dysregulated metabolism phenotypes associated with the chronic diseases of the 21st┬ácentury (i.e. dyslipidemia and impaired glycaemia that are associated with cardiovascular disease, diabetes and metabolic syndrome). Within the Quadraum Institute, he is the Postgraduate Director and a member of various committees including the SIFT committee (internal review of Research Council proposals), the Athena Swan Committee (advancement of equal opportunities in the workplace for all), Public Engagement Committee, and the Human Research and Governance Committee.