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Dr David Vauzour

Senior Research Fellow in Molecular Nutrition

Nutrition and Preventive Medicine

My research interest is to develop novel dietary strategies to delay brain ageing and cognitive decline including dementia and involves the fields of oxidative stress, free radical biochemistry, neurodegeneration and the health effects of dietary polyphenols, such as flavonoids. Concurrently, my major research interests center on two functionally associated fields of biomedical sciences: 1) The elucidation of cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying the toxicity exerted by endogenously formed compounds, as well as exogenous agents, believed to be involved in various degenerative diseases; 2) The cellular and molecular principles involved in the protective effects evoked by potentially beneficial natural compounds. In particular, my major contribution has been to show that phytochemicals and in particular flavonoids exert such diverse biological effects through their modulation of intracellular signalling pathways (MAP kinase, PI3 kinase/Akt and Keap-1/Nrf2), biomarkers of cellular plasticity and resilience to exogenous stimuli. My recent interests concern how food bioactives modulate ApoE genotype-induced neurodegenerative disorders and their underlying mechanisms (including the microbiome through the gut-brain axis modulation).