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Dr Donnie Cameron

Lecturer in Clinical Magnetic Resonance Physics

Donnie specialises in the development and application of new methods for magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy, and he is particularly interested in applications in musculoskeletal ageing and sarcopaenia.

He has worked in the ageing field since 2014, when he joined the Longitudinal Studies Section at the National Institute on Aging—one of the institutes of the US National Institutes of Health. His ties to the Baltimore Longitudinal Study of Aging in particular have led to fruitful collaborations focusing on skeletal muscle mitochondrial function, architecture, and magnesium content, and have granted him considerable experience in translating his methods to research in healthy older adults.

In addition to developing and applying advanced imaging techniques, Donnie has led clinical trials studying the effects of supplements MitoQ and ΔG on skeletal muscle energetics in sedentary older adults.