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Prof. David Wright

Professor of Pharmacy Practice

Health service research involving the use of medicines; administration of medicines to patients with dysphagia; improving medicines prescribing, supply and administration by better integration of the pharmacist into healthcare team and research into improving the skills of pharmacists to enable them to operate within the new NHS.

After managing a community pharmacy in York Prof. David Wright returned to academia in 1992 to undertake a PhD to evaluate the role of the clinical pharmacist in care homes. This resulted in two future research streams, improving the quality and delivery of pharmacist education and integrating the pharmacist into the healthcare team. Prof. Wright’s research skills include systematic reviews, feasibility and pilot studies to definitive trials. Areas of interest are the management of medicines in care homes, the administration of medicines to patients with swallowing problems and the improvement of information transfer between care settings. Additionally he has been involved in a number of studies to improve the quality of pharmacist education.