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Berenice Williams

Co-founder, CEO of myDNAhealth

Nutritional genomics and development of assessment platforms and products for health and nutrition professionals

myDNAhealth is an AI algorithm nutritional genomics HealthTech platform for health practitioners and their clients. The platform brings together and decodes multifactorial data including genetics, lifestyle, nutrition and environmental and reports health “red flags” impacting healthy ageing and the personalised nutrition to mitigate these risks.  Bernie has over 20 years of experience at senior executive level alongside advisory roles for a number of startup companies.  She has led multiple cross-border projects pushing boundaries to create competitive advantage and efficiencies through new services and products using cutting edge technology. Frustrated with the growing trend of preventable diseases, she combined her business and technology experience with her nutrition training which led to the creation of personalised nutrition startup myDNAhealth. Key skills lie in her ability to deliver proven strategic direction, integration of technologies and to drive through innovation.