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Prof. Amanda Howe

Clinical Professor of Primary Care

Clinical general practitioner

Amanda Howe has been Professor of Primary Care since 2001, when she moved from Sheffield University to be part of the foundation team for the Norwich Medical School, which opened in 2002. She has worked as a GP since 1984, as a GP partner while in Sheffield, and now at Bowthorpe Surgery in Norwich on a part-time basis. Her main reason for entering academic practice was her passion to put patients in community settings at the centre of medical education, in order to improve patient care. This led to a lifelong commitment to enhancing training opportunities for medical students and young doctors outside hospital settings; to encouraging the conditions for professionals to thrive, particularly in training settings and in general practice; and to the development and strengthening of general practice as an essential clinical speciality in all health systems. In addition to her academic leadership role, she has also taken up national and international roles with the Royal College of General Practitioners and in the World Organisation of Family Doctors.