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NIHA awarded £773k from the BBSRC


Menopause and cognition

NIHA are delighted to have been recently awarded substantial (£773k) BBSRC funding over three years, to examine the impact of the menopausal transition on neurocognitive function in females and the ability of hormonal and fatty acid intervention to mitigate decline.

The research is being led by Professor Anne Maire Minihane (NIHA lead) along with Dr David Vauzour and Dr Rasha Saleh at UEA and Prof David Llewellyn and team at the University of Exeter, and involves analysis of UK Biobank data along with research in model systems.

It will take a precision medicine/prevention approach by examining the impact of the APOE4 genotype (carried by about 25% population, and the main common genetic risk factor for Alzheimer’s disease) on cognition function and its response to intervention.

It is part of ongoing research in NIHA Theme 3 (Cardiometabolic Health and Brain Ageing, led by Professor Michael Hornberger), which is contributing to the understanding of why two thirds of Alzheimer’s cases are in women, and strategies to reduce risk and promote brain health into older age.