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NIHA One Year workshop Event


In collaboration with Eastern ASHN, NIHA are proud to offer an all day workshop titled: "Enabling lifestyle behaviour change in your communities - a practical introduction"

An interactive workshop on behaviour change theory and practical implementation for your current real-world challenges

Our health and well-being status is determined by our lifestyle behaviours. Improvements in the ‘big 4’ lifestyle behaviours (physical activity, healthy eating, smoking and alcohol consumption) can improve well-being and reduce the risk of most long-term conditions. Yet, ensuring that people who would benefit from changing their behaviour the most, actually achieve change, can be a challenge.

At Norwich Institute of Healthy Ageing (NIHA) we believe in offering colleagues across community facing roles a keen insight into behaviour change concepts and practical strategies to support behaviour change. By introducing practitioners to strategies for helping service users achieve behaviour change, we hope they will be empowered to engage in conversations with the people and communities accessing services.

Aims of the workshop is to:
– Offer delegates knowledge and skills to enable people to adopt and maintain more healthful behaviours
– Deliver a workshop that develops practical behaviour change initiatives with lived experience at their core
– Show the importance of innovation grounded in day to day reality to facilitating lifestyle behaviour change
– Collaborate across sectors and communities for future working opportunities
– Celebrate the progress of NIHA during its first year.

Workshop audience
Invites are open to healthcare professionals, researchers, local government representatives, community organisations, cinicians, third sector professionals, housing officers and students who are looking for ways to apply behavioural science or health psychological theory to thier work and for the people and communities they serve; for example Healthcare providers, innovators and entrepreneurs, local government initiatives, vulnerable groups or isolated communities.

Ticket prices
Standard attendance: £75 (includes lunch and refreshments)
Student attendance : £25 (includes lunch and refreshments) – students aged 18 and over.
Concessions: £0 (includes lunch and refreshments)

See qualifying criteria on the registration page/s here:

Registration closes 16th November, 2022 (17:00)