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NIHA Co-Production Partnership Listening Exercise – Briefing paper now out


Key findings from a listening exercise with disadvantaged individuals across Norfolk and Suffolk

Findings from the NIHA Co-Production Partnership listening consultation exercise are now available to share

The aim of the consultation was to gain a better understanding of the lived experiences of local people in Norfolk and Suffolk, in particular disadvantages people (defined in this consultation as disadvantaged by living in a place of socio-economic deprivation or by circumstances such as physical or mental ill-health) around healthy ageing

Key questions of interest included:
1) What does the concept of healthy ageing mean to people?
2) What existing infrastructures, services and other local assets do the public find supportive to lives ‘well-lived’ and what are the gaps and needs?
3) What should the priories be in terms of policy and research, to help people age more healthily in the future?

– 8 discussion groups and 13 interviews (n=53) with people form Norfolk and Suffolk
– Spread across gender and ages (20-90 years)
– Led and recruited by NIHA Partner organisations who had trusted relationships
– December 2021-February 2022

For the full report please access via this link: