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NIHA monthly seminar – 1st July 2022 @ 12 noon


"My Research Journey" presented by Prof Ketan Dhatariya

Professor Dhatariya is Deputy Theme Lead for NIHAs Cardiometabolic and Brain Ageing Theme (also known as Theme 3) alongside Theme Lead Professor Michael Hornberger.

Professor Dhatariya was appointed as a consultant in diabetes, endocrinology and general medicine at the Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital in 2004, and Honorary Professor of Medicine at the University of East Anglia in 2019.

He is a full time clinician and his predominant areas of interest are inpatient diabetes – in particular peri-operative diabetes care, the management of diabetes related emergencies, and the ‘diabetic foot’. He leads one of the largest foot clinics in the East of England.

He has several national roles in the UK. He is currently the Chair of the Joint British Diabetes Societies Inpatient Care Group where he has led or co-authored several national guidelines on the management of various aspects of inpatient diabetes care including the guideline on peri-operative diabetes care. He was recently named as the number 1 expert in the world on diabetic ketoacidosis by an independent website (https://www.expertscape.com/ex/ketoacidosis). He is the Chair of the Examining Board for the UK Specialist Clinical Exam in Diabetes and Endocrinology. He is the immediate Past President of the Diabetes and Endocrine section of the Royal Society of Medicine. He is an Associate Editor of Diabetic Medicine and BMJ Open Diabetes Research & Care

Joins us at our monthly seminar to learn about Ketan’s journey here:
Zoom link: https://bit.ly/3bw1Vee